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Storms, fires, tornados, explosions, train impacts, fallen ice from aircrafts, major flooding – you name it, we’ve restored it. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and work diligently to restore all claims, big or small.

Water Damage

Water can cause terrible damage if not treated quickly and effectively.

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Fire Damage

When there’s fire there’s destruction. We can help salvage and clean up.

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Storm Damage

Rain or snow, weather can cause unexpected damage to the buildings.

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Water Damage

Sewer backups, floods, and burst pipes are some examples of water losses – we can clean up the water and do any repairs. Read More...

Fire Damage

After a fire, many people are overwhelmed. There’s nothing too big or small we can’t handle! Read More...

Storm Damage

High winds and hail can cause a substantial amount of damage to your home. We work hard to fix anything a storm may have damaged. Read More...


Whether it’s a fallen tree or a vehicle that has driven into your home, we can handle it all. We have plenty of qualified people ready to help. Read More...

Indoor Air Quality

There are many air contaminates that can affect your overall health. We can help relieve some of the irritants in your environment. Read More...

Large Loss / Commercial

We have provided services to many different types of commercial losses such as: churches, office buildings, retail stores, and warehouses. Read More...

Mould & Microbial Growth

Mould can be found in many parts of your home. Our job is to find and get rid of the mould as soon as possible. Read More...


Sometimes people pass away and they are not found right away. We can come in and clean any bodily fluids that may be left behind. Read More...

Emergency Management

When an emergency happens, it’s hard to know what to do. Call us and we can take care of everything you need. Read More...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every job that we do is extremely important to us! Once we have received your signed authorization form, we schedule your job to be completed in the most expediential manner. Generally, work can commence within the week after the authorization form has been received.
The detail, quantity and different trades that are required directly affect the length of the repair time. Our scheduling procedures and quality of trades allow us to reduce the repair time we are in your home or business.
As we are a full restoration company with access to specialty trades and specialty custom manufacturers, we do have ease in matching many of the older materials that exist. On occasion, it is impossible to get an exact match and equivalent quality of material can be used with your authorization.
Yes. For most situations, we are able to remove 100% of any odour. In more extreme stituations odours may be more difficult to remove and a more agressive approach such as encapsulating of building components or removal may be required.

The Leda Guarantee

Along with restoring your home, we restore peace of mind with our two year satisfaction guarantee. Any defective work completed by LEDA will be corrected to conform with the specifications outlined in the scope of work. Our accountability and your satisfaction are LEDA’s top priority.

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” …your folks got right on it; did everything that you said you would, when you said you would and how you said you would. Those are somewhat rare qualities these days and say a lot about the values and reputation of your organization. ” Mr. Davidson
” The tracking method and the care that you have put towards my house and possessions has been amazing and comforting. And on a personal level they have shown compassion, patience and respect for me and have a good understanding of what I am going through. An excellent team who work very well together smoothly and efficiently…I’m most impressed at how quickly this has all happened. ” Mr. Hill
” I can say with certainty that your courtesy, consciousness, and consideration are surpassed only the quality of your work. Thank you. “Mr. Somerville Taylor, LLB.
” …they were very professional and competent and just a pleasure to deal with. The workmanship was excellent and their cleanliness was exceptional! “Ms. Rosenthal
” It has been a stressful situation for all of us. However, we all felt fortunate knowing that such a reliable team was supporting us during this difficult time. Your endless advises, prompt service and team members are absolutely marvelous! “Brookfield Residential Services

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